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Wunderkeys in Action!

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Please Note: all lessons now take place at the Jersey Academy of Music
Toddler Music

From around eighteen months old, with trusted adult (mum, dad, grandparent, carer)

Younger siblings welcome.

Fridays 1
Saturdays 10:00-10:30am - we currently have a nice bunch of dads attending!

A gentle introduction to music-making with parental reassurance.  We will sing, move to music, try playing different percussion instruments and be introduced to the sounds of orchestral instuments such as the violin and flute.  Children will meet Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear, who will help them to identify basic musical concepts such as high/low and loud/quiet.  We develop a sense of rhythm and pitch through musical movement activities involving gross and fine motor skills, and learn songs including nursery rhymes and songs from the Music for Little Mozarts programme.

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KiddyKeys and Company

Rising threes to young fours, trusted adult present

Saturdays tbc.

An introduction to the KiddyKeys programme for children aged two to three and a half who aren't yet confident to stay in the room without an adult they know but are ready for something more than general music and have shown an interest in the piano.

We'll sing, make music, and begin to discover music and the piano together. The wonderful, original KiddyKeys books and songs will be shared with each child while they enjoy interacting and playing music with their classmates. In addition to teaching each child about music, KiddyKeys & Company classes will focus on the development of fine motor skills, positive social skills, and identification of letters, numbers, and colors.

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Main KiddyKeys site
KiddyKeys group pre-piano

3-5yo small group pre-piano.

Children should be more confident away from parent/carer.
Fridays 2:00-2:30pm

Saturdays 11:20-11:50am

KiddyKeys is a modern and engaging approach to teaching piano skills and music concepts to young children.  The programme combines keyboard improvisation, first steps in music theory, music and movement, rhythm playing with school readiness skills and character development.

Over the year, children will:

  • carry out rhythmic and movement exercises to develop their motor skills.
  • learn to recognise notes and note values.
  • Develop their counting and mathematical skills.
  • Learn basic musical terminology such as "forte" and "piano".
  • Begin to recognise staff notation.
  • Develop their creative skills by exploring the keyboard and improvising.
  • Build their interpersonal skills through working in a group and become more confident.
  • Play rhythm instruments and the piano.
  • Develop their listening and aural skills.
  • Learn about the life of a composer (there is a Beethoven year and a Mozart year).

Wunderkeys - 3-4yo individual pre-piano
Wunderkeys is a real piano course, adapted for preschool children from the age of 3.  Together with our Finger Friends, we explore the concepts of high and low, loud and quiet, long and short notes.  We begin to identify patterns on the piano and to develop the necessary fine motor skills to play.   From the very first lessons, we start playing duets!  Children also develop literacy and numeracy skills through the scheme.  Best of all, they experience one-to-one tuition; feel all grown up; and have a whale of a time!