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About Me

Born locally, I am an experienced performer and former winner of the Jersey Young Musician of the Year competition. I graduated with an academic degree in music from King's College London in 2005, with a specific emphasis on early music history. Meanwhile, I was tutoring underprivileged children as a volunteer, giving violin, piano and singing lessons plus teaching general theory. Singing with the chapel choir at university led to my founding of the Capella Ave Maris Stella which led a short but successful career singing for traditional Catholic liturgies in the London area. I subsequently embarked on an adventure which saw me teaching music in an inner city school before jetting off to France and America for a major period of self-examination. It is during this time that I finally learnt to play the organ at the Institut Croix des Vents, where I also taught secondary music, and perfected the art of singing Gregorian Chant in the early 'semiological' style.

I am now...

  • teaching music in a variety of styles to children and adults.
  • serving as organist at All Saints Church in the Parade.
  • performing classical and folk music at weddings and other events.
  • a member of the JSO and JCO, playing either violin or viola.
  • a regular member of the Jersey Sinfonietta.
  • exploring alternative fiddle styles for fun!

    I am a full member of the European String Teachers' Association and an associate member of the European Piano Teachers' Association, and a registered teacher of Wunderkeys and KiddyKeys pre-piano programmes.