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Three students and a first recital!
Music for Little Mozarts Group Lesson Dec 2014

Piano Lessons

Please Note: all lessons now take place at the Jersey Academy of Music

Wunderkeys - 3-4yo individual pre-piano

Wunderkeys is a real piano course, adapted for preschool children from the age of 3.  Together with our Finger Friends, we explore the concepts of high and low, loud and quiet, long and short notes.  We begin to identify patterns on the piano and to develop the necessary fine motor skills to play.  Children also develop literacy and numeracy skills through the scheme.  Best of all, they experience one-to-one tuition; feel all grown up; and have a whale of a time!

KiddyKeys - 3-5yo small group pre-piano
KiddyKeys is a modern and engaging approach to teaching piano skills and music concepts to young children.  The programme combines keyboard improvisation, first steps in music theory, music and movement, rhythm playing with school readiness skills and character development.

Over the year, children will:

  • carry out rhythmic and movement exercises to develop their motor skills.
  • learn to recognise notes and note values.
  • Develop their counting and mathematical skills.
  • Learn basic musical terminology such as "forte" and "piano".
  • Begin to recognise staff notation.
  • Develop their creative skills by exploring the keyboard and improvising.
  • Build their interpersonal skills through working in a group and become more confident.
  • Play rhythm instruments and the piano.
  • Develop their listening and aural skills.
  • Learn about the life of a composer (there is a Beethoven year and a Mozart year).

Music for Little Mozarts - 4-7yo piano

In this course, children from Reception to Year 2 follow the adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear.  With their furry friends leading the way, children take their first steps in reading music and playing the piano, develop good habits of listening and playing in time.  Staff notation is introduced gradually, at an age-appropriate pace.

Children are usually taught one-to-one for 20min lessons.  During Project Week, we may hold a group session for discovery book activities and to practise performing to each other.


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Premier Pianists - 7yo and up.

Children starting the piano in Year 2 or older starting with me will usually begin with Alfred's Premier Piano Course, which moves students away from the basic middle-C position fairly quickly.  This series also allows a relatively easy transition for MFLM graduates.  However, tutor books are only a starting point and we like to supplement with all sorts of music once the basics have been mastered in books 1A and 1B. 

Examinations are optional once students have reached the standard required for the ABRSM Prep Test or Trinity Initial Grade.  Music exams provide a syllabus, but they do not provide a complete curriculum and many of my students prefer not to take exams at least until they are older.  External awards may be possible through DVD submission and I am currently investigating this process.

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Keys from Chords - First steps for late starters (teens+)

Keys from Chords is a rapid way for teenagers and adults who've never played before to get started.  Starting with basic chords, students learn to play with both hands right from the very start, meaning that they rapidly build up the necessary coordination.  Notation is introduced simultaneously, but our focus is on playing from chord symbols using a variety of comping (accompanying) techniques so that you can join in with a band or accompany songs from the word go.  Some of the songs used are a bit dated, but it doesn't take much to print off the lyrics you want from a guitar-based website and get playing the songs you like within a few lessons.

This system of learning is not suited to those who'd like to take ABRSM or Trinity exams, but can help with GCSE ensemble requirements and song-writing skills.

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